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Hey there, my fellow sustainable development enthusiasts! I’ve got an exciting opportunity to share with you today – the Bonn SDG Fellowships at the University of Bonn. Get ready to embark on a journey that could take your passion for a better world to new heights! So, what’s the deal with these fellowships? Essentially, it’s all about teaming up with the brightest minds at Bonn to tackle the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through cutting-edge research. Tenured professors at the university get to handpick postdoctoral researchers they’d like to collaborate with on these crucial global challenges.

How to Apply?

Now, before you get too excited, there’s a bit of a twist – you can’t apply directly for these fellowships. Instead, the professors at Bonn do the scouting and personally invite the postdocs they’d like to work with. But hey, if you’re a researcher from Africa, Asia, or Latin America with a burning passion for the SDGs, don’t be shy! Reach out to the professors whose work aligns with your interests and let them know you’re game for some sustainable development collaboration.

Benifits of SDG Fellowships :

If you manage to snag one of these fellowships, get ready for the experience of a lifetime! You’ll have the chance to:

– Dive deep into your research by collaborating with a renowned professor on an SDG-aligned project. Talk about a career-defining opportunity!

– Give your career a serious boost by gaining invaluable experience and international exposure at a prestigious university like Bonn. That’s a surefire way to level up your game.

– Build connections and network with researchers from Bonn and potentially from around the globe. Who knows where those relationships could lead?

The Scholarship Value :

Funding Your Sustainable Development Dreams: The Scholarship Breakdown

And the best part? The fellowship covers your stay, which can range from 3 to 12 months. It’s like a fully-funded research adventure in the heart of Germany!

Monthly Stipend: You’ll be raking in a cool €3,000 per month to cover your living expenses in the lovely city of Bonn. No more worrying about making ends meet – this stipend has got you covered like a warm blanket on a chilly night.

Family Support: The Bonn SDG Fellowships understand that family comes first. If you’ve got a spouse or kiddos tagging along for the ride, they’ve got your back with additional funding. We’re talking €300 per month for your partner and €250 per child. Now that’s what I call a family-friendly fellowship!

Travel Allowance: Getting to Germany can be a bit of a trek, but don’t sweat it! The fellowship covers your travel costs, with the exact amount depending on where you’re coming from. It’s like they’re rolling out the welcome mat and saying, “Come on over, the journey’s on us!”

Research Expense Allowance: Here’s where things get really exciting! You’ll have up to €500 per month to fuel your research endeavors. Need to buy some fancy equipment or attend a conference? Not a problem! This allowance has got your back, so you can focus on pushing the boundaries of sustainable development research.

Basically, the Bonn SDG Fellowships want to make sure you’re living your best life while you’re there. No financial worries, just pure, unadulterated research bliss!

The Selection Process :

The selection criteria are divided into two equally important categories:

1. Academic Quality and Mutual Benefit (50%): This one’s all about showcasing the brilliance of your research project and how it aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Bonn team wants to see that you’re not just chasing academic accolades but genuinely contributing to a better world.

2. Strategic Relevance and Potential for Future Cooperation (50%): This category is all about building bridges and forging long-lasting connections. The University of Bonn is on the lookout for proposals that have the potential to blossom into long-term research relationships between the fellow and the host institute.

How to prepare yourself for SDG Fellowships :

While you can’t directly apply for these fellowships, you can start preparing by:

Building a strong research profile by publishing actively and showcasing your expertise in SDG-related fields. Make yourself an irresistible candidate!

Connecting with the researchers at Bonn whose work excites you the most. Reach out, introduce yourself, and let them know you’re keen on collaborating on sustainable development initiatives. Who knows, you might just catch their eye!

Expertise that aligns with their research area and the chosen SDG. They want to make sure you’re a perfect fit for the project.

A solid publication record and experience in relevant fields. Gotta show off those research chops!

A collaborative spirit and the ability to work seamlessly with the professor and contribute to the joint project. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Documents Required :

  • Online form
  • Project description (PDF of max. 8 pages), consisting of:
  1. Abstract of the proposed project (up to 250 words)
  2. Outline of the research project to be worked on during the fellow’s stay in Bonn; please write your proposal for a multidisciplinary audience
  3. Reasons for the fellow’s invitation, a description of his or her contribution to research and teaching at the University of Bonn, and an outline of the activities through which the fellow will enrich university life at the University of Bonn during his or her stay there
  4. An overview of the collaboration between the applicant and the fellow so far
  5. An outline of the integration of the fellow into the host institute (place of work, participation in teaching and research activities)
  6. An outline of follow-on value: (a) plan for the outcome of the stay, (b) plan for growing the collaboration in the future.
  7. CV
  8. A financing Plan (Please use the format given on official website)

Official Link

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