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Online courses benefit every candidate who wants to improve their profile. If you are seeking a specific job or scholarship, consider taking online courses and claiming a free certificate which is acceptable worldwide. There are several platforms where you can take courses according to your specified fields and interest. 

Benifits of taking Online Courses:

Participating in online courses demonstrates that you are interested in learning and possess initiative. This can be especially advantageous for scholarship applicants who wish to demonstrate their dedication to a specific field.

Online courses facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and skills by providing access to a vast array of courses and subject areas. By enrolling in courses related to their area of interest, scholarship applicants can expand their knowledge and acquire new skills, which can help them stand out during the application process.

Adding completed online courses to a resume or curriculum vitae can demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. This is particularly advantageous for job seekers who wish to compete in a competitive job market.

Online courses frequently include discussion forums and other interactive features enabling students to interact with one another and instructors. This can be an excellent method to build a professional network and establish connections in your field of interest.

What are MOOCs:

Massive Open Online Course is the acronym for a massive open online course. It is an internet-based course designed for unrestricted participation and open access. MOOCs provide lectures and additional course materials, such as videos, readings, exams, and assignments, to many students simultaneously.

There are numerous advantages to taking online courses, including MOOCs:

Online courses can be taken anytime and from any location if an internet connection is present. This allows you to study at your tempo and on your schedule.

These courses are frequently free or reasonably priced compared to traditional university courses.

Available in various subjects and disciplines, from computer science to the humanities and social sciences.

MOOCs frequently feature illustrious instructors from top universities around the globe, providing students with access to a world-class education.

These courses are excellent for acquiring new skills or enhancing existing ones.

MOOCs frequently include discussion forums and other interactive features enabling students to interact with one another and instructors.

MOOCs and other online courses can be an excellent method to gain new knowledge, advance your career, and improve your personal and professional development.

Top Ten Open Online Courses Websites:

Here is the List of top websites where you can register and start learning today:

Coursera (for almost every field; >7000 courses; >275+ universities; financial aid is available for paid courses)

EdX (based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and governed by MIT and Harvard)

Future learn (for British Open University Courses; focuses on learning through socializing; owned by The Open University UK)

Udemy (Very useful platform for all types of courses with detailed content)

Khan Academy (from school level to expert, every type of course)

Code Academy (all types of programming languages and coding courses)

Alison (Every field course available with free certificates)

Duolingo (Best website to learn any language from scratch in an interactive way)

Iversity (Courses from European universities, research institutions, and knowledge-based companies)

MIT University learning platform (MIT Open Courseware; MIT Courses Made Public)

I hope you enjoyed our blog about MOOCs and that you will start learning from today. Follow us on social media for more content updates. 


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