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Are you a bachelor’s or master’s student interested in science and engineering? Are you eager to improve your research skills, work with international colleagues, and discover new horizons? You need to look no further! The Visiting Student Research Programme (VSRP) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) provides students like you with a fully funded research internship. In this blog, we will delve into the specifics of the VSRP internship, including its benefits, eligibility requirements, and the extraordinary experiences of previous participants.

What is VRSP Fellowship ?

The VSRP fellowship is a prestigious opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research in science and engineering disciplines for three to six months. This program, hosted at KAUST, a renowned graduate research university in Saudi Arabia, allows trainees to contribute ideas and work alongside distinguished faculty in world-class laboratories.

Fully Funded Research Internship Experience:

KAUST acknowledges the significance of offering a conducive atmosphere for aspiring researchers. As a result, KAUST fully funds the VSRP internship, which includes airfare, accommodation, and a substantial monthly stipend of 1000 Dollars/Month. This measure ensures that interns can focus on their research without concerns about finances.

The program encourages interns to expand and refine their research skills by actively working on cutting-edge projects in state-of-the-art laboratories, thus gaining hands-on research experience.

International Experience with maximum facilities:

The VSRP program attracts outstanding students from around the globe, nurturing a collaborative and diverse environment. It offers a wonderful opportunity to develop global relationships and broaden cultural understanding.

Beyond research, the apprenticeship also includes social and cultural activities that enhance the overall experience. Interns can participate in community events, investigate the campus, and partake in various recreational activities.

Throughout the interns’ voyage, KAUST ensures exceptional support by arranging flights and visas, providing health insurance and lodging through the committed VSRP team, who are dedicated to facilitating a seamless experience.

Applicant Eligibility:

To qualify for the VSRP internship, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled as a master’s or third-year or final year undergraduate student.
  • A passion for science and engineering investigation.     
  • Strong academic credentials and superior English proficiency.

Application Procedure:

Locate a Project: Explore over one hundred research initiatives provided by KAUST faculty members on the VSRP website.

    Create a Profile: Register on the application system to initiate the internship application procedure.

    Submit Documents: Provide official academic transcripts, a copy of your passport, a curriculum vitae, a statement of purpose, and a recommendation letter from a faculty member at your native institution.

    Maintain Contact: Anticipate a response within three weeks. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by the admissions team. The conclusion will be communicated within four to six weeks.

    Next Actions: If selected for an on-site internship, accepted candidates will have their visa application initiated and flights booked. Accordingly, remote trainees will be onboarded.

Required Documents:

  • Official Transcript(s) in English from current and previous institutions
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Valid Passport
  • Statement of purpose / Motivation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Experience of Alumni (Testimonials):

The VSRP internship has profoundly impacted past participants. Here are some testimonials highlighting their experiences after attending this fully funded research internship.

  • Lucia Palombi, M.S. Sapienza University of Rome: “KAUST’s unique blend of rigorous academics, global perspectives, and serene setting make it an exceptional place for scholarly pursuit.”
  • Yukai Jia, Lausanne: My experience with VSRP has been phenomenal. I am grateful for the opportunity to live in a new country while working on an exciting research endeavour. During the internship, I received tremendous support from my PI and colleagues and acquired a great deal of relevant knowledge and skills. In terms of living conditions, KAUST also offers exceptional facilities and recreational opportunities. I can always find activities outside of the laboratory. I would recommend the VSRP programme to anyone who appreciates conducting research and discovering new information.

Official Link:

Here you can find all the information about the program and to apply on the projects, please click here.

I hope you like our blog about this exceptional opportunity, for other Internship options you can read our blog Top 05 Highly Paid Inernships. Follow us for more educational post and International opportunities.


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